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Welcome to the site of the R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC.  Our law firm focuses exclusively in the legal field of Intellectual Property Law.   Intellectual Property Law, also known as “IP” law, is a generalized term that includes Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Trade Secret Law and the Law of Unfair Competition.

The R. Baca Law Firm provides Intellectual Property services in the fields of Computer Science and Software Development, Cryptography and Cyber Security as well as Engineering and applied sciences. We have successfully advised outside and in-house counsel and software teams who need to understand patent law, intellectual property law, data privacy and information security legal strategy, complex litigation and eDiscovery at a much deeper level of sophistication relating to software and engineered systems. 

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At The R Baca Law Firm, PLLC

We each have advanced formal degrees in Computer Science related fields and are software developers in the field of artificial intelligence, decentralized computing, data science and engineering. We are active, Registered U.S. (Federal) Patent Attorneys and provide experience from our individual credentials.

Our services


Actively curating business assets by creatively using Patents, Tradesecrets, Software Licensing, Copyright and Trademark laws.


Global experience serving startups, established companies and beyond. We aim to strategically apply the varied palette of different types of Intellectual Property toward the broader business picture to add value. Each day we strive to apply Agile Software development techniques to legal principles to help your business soar.


Formidable, multidisciplinary experts in Software, Engineering, and Applied Science Tech and Tech culture that make impactful legal decisions in Data Privacy, Security, and IP in litigation and when assessing business risk.


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R Baca Law Firm

Provides legal counseling services regarding Intellectual Property. This includes legal assistance in the areas of Tech Startups, internet and software matters, valuation and management of Intellectual Property, commercialization and licensing of Intellectual Property as well as open source and software licensing.

PATENTS - Software, Engineering, Applied Science

A key service provided entails filing and prosecuting patents. Patent prosecution typically includes assisting inventors with the process of applying for and potentially obtaining patents before the United States Patent & Trademark Office or equivalent foreign patent office. Our technical experience includes intimate familiarity with the fields of Software and Computer Systems, Mobile Wireless and Telecom Technology, Electronics and Microprocessor Organization and Design, Control Systems and Robotics, Oil field, Agriculture and Medical Devices.


The R BACA LAW FIRM PLLC is actively engaged in portfolio planning for intellectual property assets around the world. We routinely vet and interface many global affiliates while providing strategic assistance in Intellectual Property development, acquisition, and legal enforcement issues. The R BACA LAW FIRM PLLC provides assistance in litigation of ALL Intellectual property matters including Patent and Software disputes. Patent Opinion drafting, claims charting and software development (programming) legal expert services are further available.

Our work

Patent Services

A patent is an essential business asset in our 21st Century global information-based economy. Obtaining an issued patent is often difficult, time-consuming, costly, and not a guarantee. Although one particular idea may solve an existing problem, not all innovation merits patent protection as a legal requirement. At times, a strategically successful depends the acquired skills of a professional to quickly and accurately identify those inventive concepts that are best suited for the direct needs of the marketplace.

The R Baca Law Firm we all believe and are committed to providing our clients with creatively insightful and personalized involvement in every step of the patent legal process. We strive to provide each client with value-added, working knowledge of those concepts of Intellectual Property Law that are required for making key decisions for their respective businesses. We are committed to providing outstanding service according to your time schedule around the world, including nights and weekends. Moreover, with our intimate familiarity with Silicon Valley standards for software development, engineering, and scientific concepts, we can effectively work with our clients on their technical level.

With exceptional communication skills, each member of our firm is able to work well within your multidisciplinary team including software developers, business executives, case litigation managers and witnesses, forensic accountants, marketing managers in addition to engineers, scientists, inventors as well as artists and entertainers. We believe that the Client is our Boss – Let Us Work Hard for You!

Copyright Services

Works Made-For-Hire Issues

Video Game, Artistic and Entertainment development issues

Copyright registration of source, object code and other software applications.

Social Media & Website Issues

Publisher Agreements & Royalty Issues

US & Foreign enforcement of the reproduction of key creative work business assets such as software, multimedia presentations, web and landing pages, advertising art & copy, training manuals and organizational charts, book –video-audio and performing art works


Trademark Services

Trademark Enforcement & Litigation Matters – enforcement against competitors who use another’s mark to capitalize on that “name recognition”: Likelihood of Confusion and Federal Trademark Dilution Act.

Federal, State, and Foreign registrations of words, designs, slogans, sounds or symbols that serve to identify a particular product or service offered by a business

Trade dress vs Design Patent – legal strategies for webpages, software applications, packaging and other marketing media

Legal Protection for Business Branding and Marketing Campaigns

Domain Name and Trademark Issues


Intellectual Property Services for your Tech Company

Trade secret assessment and unfair trade – employment and non-compete agreements as well as false advertising

Other Competitive Foreign Intellectual Property – International IP portfolio management and enforcement, negotiations and US Export / Import Matters

IP Portfolio asset strategies and development – Customized IP portfolio acquisition & management customized toward your business needs, patent “design-around” issues and IP enforcement. IP Audits and strategies for your business

Technology Transfer – Licensing, commercialization, and joint research ventures

Our skills

IP Litigation:


(Motions, eDiscovery & Settlement), Contract Negotiation, Commercialization & Valuation of Innovation, risk modeling

Privacy & Security:


Cryptographic systems, computer (eDiscovery) forensics, hash algorithm standardization



Business Intelligence, Business and Legal Valuation, Natural Language Processing with Legal Analytics, Data Mining, Target/testing & segmentation strategies, data visualizations

Data & Computer Science Languages:


Machine & Deep Learning, Neural Nets, Software Engrg, Python, R, SQL, Java, SQL & NoSQL, C, C++, CSS- PHP-XML, Solidity & Hyperledger

Data Engineering:


AWS & Spark provisioning, Hadoop, Linux/Unix, Virtualization, Massive Parallel Processing, Relational Database Design, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, PostgreSQL architectures, software systems project/quality design and testing

Developer Attorneys -4- Developers


Meet our law partner

Along the Southwest border of the United States, Rafa is fully equipped and experienced when it comes to legal registration of business Brands and Trademark protection and enforcement in the United States, Latin America and the world.  Rafa has decades of experience as a Federal Regulatory and Tech lawyer, a Registered US Patent and IP lawyer that includes a depth of experience in complex commercial litigation, legal transactions, business intelligence, tradesecrets, patent prosecution, and global asset portfolio strategy and regulatory work in tech and engineering.  He is an active speaker in Software & Technology legal matters, GDPR Data Privacy regulations and a national expert and speaker in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and international law as the Chair of the ABA’s AI committee.

Rafa has a JD (law degree), MS in Computer Science (Data Science) and BS in Mechanical Engineering.  Rafa is a passionate software developer, digital forensics investigator, as well as a member of the Stanford Blockchain group and San Francisco Legal Hackers.  As a dual citizen of the USA and a naturalized citizen of Spain (EU) , Rafa is well versed with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is thus legally equipped to act as an ideally knowledgeable US-Based Data Protection Officer under the EU’s GDPR while in sensitive data breach matters requiring lawyer-client privilege.  Rafa is fluent in Spanish and a member of the USPTO, Texas and New Mexico Bars.

Over the years, Rafa worked in patent litigation management; patent prosecuting in software, decentralized and cryptographic computing, as well as telecom and wireless systems; in-house patent transactional experience; international licensing and IP valuation, large firm litigation experience, and originally worked in the Examining Corps in the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Medical Devices.  His experience uniquely bridges the divide between the digital and real world applications with a focus on regulation and policy, business and software development.

Recent representative technology experience includes:

*** Oilfield & Energy Systems —

Litigation & Prosecution of Oilfield Systems


Telemedicine: Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging Tech

Health 3.0 and Health 2.0 related information systems and privacy applications

Bioinformatics and development of wearable applications (Internet of Things, IoT devices) for the Medical Field, HIPPAA, HiTech, Meaningful Use of EHRs, CLIA regs & trade secrets

US FDA- regulated medical devices, surgical and diagnostic equipment, implantable medical devices


computer software, internet, telecom & communications networks manufacturers, in the following representative areas:  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems, Software architecture, software quality assurance & testing, and data structure applications, applications in JAVA, SQL, Python, C, C++

Data Engineering Systems, data mining, Cloud computing, Dev Ops systems- AWS, SaaS, PaaS; database and data analytics, relational database design

Legal Informatics – eDiscovery, Privacy and Security.  Machine Learning of Litigation Documents.

Commercialization of ultra-low power sensor networks, systems built around prototype MEMS research technologies

Wireless User Equipment (UE) Registration, Authentication and Encryption – Public Encryption Key, PKI, Crypto Currency Payment Systems, Social Network systems

Proud Members of

IP Law Firm for the Americas


As the number and economic strength of LatinXs continues to grow dramatically in the United States, many new opportunities arise with those whom are intimately familiar with both Latin American and United States business cultures, and their respective legal infrastructures. Advantageously, many of the The R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC team members are multicultural and can effortlessly convey those complex legal, engineering, scientific, and entrepreneurial ideas of trademarks and patents at the “speed of business” among several other languages of the Americas, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French. It is our hope that this unique combination of legal, technical, and linguistic skills will provide a value –added niche venue for many global businesses and law firms. Our understanding and sensitivity to various global cultures coupled with our legal, business, technical, and linguistic skills enables our team members to uniquely and effectively convey and implement complex technical and legal ideas between cultures that is virtually non-existent with other Intellectual Property law firms within the United States. Inasmuch, our intimate understanding of the all business cultures of the Americas truly makes the R. Baca Law Firm


LATIN AMERICA: Commitment, Partnership, and Leadership
in International Business, Science, and Technology

The R. Baca Law Firm is committed to providing key technology-based legal services for strengthening growing economic ties between United States and its Latin American trading partners.  The R. Baca Law Firm is committed to a successful and continued development of an inland port economy along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Commitment:  With an established affiliate office in Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mex.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ), our firm is committed to providing an Intellectual Property and Business gateway between the United States and Latin America.  Our firm and its Mexican affiliate, ASM, are each firmly committed to providing quality bilingual technology-based legal services, in Spanish and in English.

Partnership:  Our firm is a key business partner with many Latin American business enterprises seeking to establish their product or service within the United States commercial market. Our firm is partnered with Instituto Tecnologico y de Esudios Superiores de Monterrey (“Monterrey Tech”) in exchanging innovative ideas between the Americas. Our firm provides bilingual, technology-based legal counseling that is strategically tailored for many participating foreign business enterprises that wish to develop their product or service within the U.S. marketplace.


Hardware, Software y Servicios


Leadership:  Our firm is a recognized leader at the San Antonio International Business Development Center and with the business community along the US-Mexico border. Our firm is a certified International Export Business Leader through an internationally recognized program developed by the City of San Antonio, the South-West Border Region International Trade Center, the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center, and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Our firm is also a member of the Free Trade Alliance, the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos, and the World Affairs Council.

We actively maintain vigilant watch over the changing trade climate regarding variations in treaties, laws, policies, funding issues, and regulations.  Our firm is committed to providing personalized technology-based legal services to small- to medium-sized businesses seeking to develop products and services across the U.S.- Mexico Border, including the following:

Business Franchising and Licensing

Oil & Gas Ventures

Energy & Power Systems

Food & Beverage Industry

Medical Supplies

Agricultural Products

Electrical Components & Industrial Equipment

Automotive Parts and Supplies
Aviation Parts and Services
Computer Hardware, Software, and Services

Bufete de Propiedad Intelectual para las Américas


A medida que el número y la fuerza económica de los latinXs continúa creciendo dramáticamente en los Estados Unidos, muchas nuevas oportunidades surgen con aquellos que están íntimamente familiarizados con culturas empresariales Estados Unidos sus respectivas infraestructuras jurídicas, tanto de América Latina y Estados Unidos. Ventajosamente, el bufete de R. Baca Law Firm, PLLC son los miembros del equipo multicultural y sin esfuerzo puede transmitir los complejos legal, de ingeniería, científicos y las ideas empresariales de marcas y patentes en la “velocidad de los negocios”, entre varias otras lenguas de las Américas , como el español, portugués y francés. Es nuestra esperanza que esta combinación única de habilidades jurídicas, técnicas y lingüísticas proporcionará un valor añadido local de nicho para muchas empresas globales y bufetes de abogados. Nuestra comprensión y sensibilidad hacia las diversas culturas mundiales, junto con nuestra legal, comercial, técnica y habilidades lingüísticas a los miembros de nuestro equipo de forma exclusiva y transmiten con eficacia y poner en práctica ideas técnicas y jurídicas complejas entre culturas que es prácticamente inexistente con otros despachos de abogados de Propiedad Intelectual dentro de los Estados Unidos. En tanto, nuestra comprensión íntima de las todas las culturas empresariales de las Américas que realmente hace el R. Baca Law Firm.



AMÉRICA LATINA: Compromiso, Asociación, y Liderazgo

en Negocios Internacionales, Ciencias y Tecnología


El R. Baca Law Firm está comprometido a proporcionar servicios legales basados ​​en la tecnología clave para el fortalecimiento de los crecientes lazos económicos entre Estados Unidos y sus socios comerciales de América Latina. El R. Baca Law Firm está comprometida con un desarrollo exitoso y continuo de una economía puerto interior a lo largo de la frontera Estados Unidos-México.


Compromiso: Con una oficina filial establecida en México (Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mex.), nuestra empresa se ​​ha comprometido a proporcionar un Propiedad Intelectual y puerta de enlace de negocios entre Estados Unidos y América Latina. Nuestra empresa y su filial mexicana, ASM, son cada firmemente comprometida con la prestación de servicios jurídicos de base tecnológica bilingües de calidad, en español y en Inglés.


Asociación: Nuestra empresa es un socio comercial clave con muchas empresas de negocios de América Latina que buscan establecer su producto o servicio en el mercado comercial de Estados Unidos. Nuestra firma se asoció con el Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (“Tec de Monterrey”) en el intercambio de ideas innovadoras entre las Américas. Nuestra firma ofrece asesoría legal bilingüe, basado en la tecnología que se adapta estratégicamente para muchos participantes las empresas extranjeras que deseen desarrollar su producto o servicio en el mercado de EE.UU..

Liderazgo: Nuestra empresa es un líder reconocido en el Centro de Desarrollo Internacional Antonio San negocio y con la comunidad empresarial a lo largo de la frontera Estados Unidos-México. Nuestra empresa es un líder certificado de exportación Negocios Internacionales a través de un programa reconocido a nivel internacional desarrollado por la Ciudad de San Antonio, el Sur-Oeste de la Región Fronteriza Centro de Comercio Internacional, el Departamento de Comercio de EE.UU. Asistencia en Exportaciones, y la Administración de Pequeños Negocios de EE.UU.. Nuestra empresa es miembro de la Alianza de Libre Comercio, la Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos, y el Consejo de Asuntos Mundiales.


Mantenemos activamente atenta vigilancia sobre el cambio climático del comercio en relación con las variaciones en los tratados, leyes, políticas, cuestiones de financiación, y los reglamentos. Nuestra empresa está comprometida con la prestación de servicios jurídicos de base tecnológica personalizados a las pequeñas y medianas empresas que buscan desarrollar productos y servicios a través de la frontera entre EE.UU. y México, incluyendo las siguientes:


Negocios Franquicias y licencias

Empresas de Petróleo y Gas

Sistemas de Energía y Electricidad

Industria de Alimentos y Bebidas

Suministros Médicos

Productos agrícolas


Componentes eléctricos y Equipo Industrial

Piezas y recambios del vehículo Automoción

Repuestos y Servicios de Aviación

Hardware, Software y Servicios